Time: March 12-14, 2019

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) NH 1H 2H 3H 4.1H

Organizers: China Garment Association, China International Trade Center Co., Ltd., China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch

Organizer: Beijing Fashion Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing International Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Contact: Mr. Qiu Feng Mobile: 159 0052 5594 QQ: 2773597674

Learn about the history of CHIC - CHIC

The 1993CHIC platform helps companies to shape their brand image, seek business opportunities, promote the process of industrial segmentation, and give full play to the role of promoting trade and win-win.

2004CHIC has grown into a comprehensive integrator of the brands needed to provide sustainable development and market development.

Moved to Shanghai in 2008, and focused on creating an “eco-resource platform” that will help brands and channel terminals grow in all new ways.

2015 redesigned and planned the exhibition to shape the young business simulation scenario; improve service standards and refresh the participant experience.

As a professional clothing brand exhibition with scale and influence in Asia, CHIC has always been a combination of business negotiation, channel expansion, resource integration, international cooperation, market inspection, trend release, cross-border cooperation, capital docking and other functions. High-quality comprehensive resource platform; For 26 years, CHIC has been continuously innovating according to changes in industry and market, growing together with Chinese clothing brands, and being recognized as a promoter and witness of Chinese clothing brands and market development. The rapid and ever-changing of China's garment industry and consumer market today highlights the role of CHIC in the development of the enterprise. More and more brand companies, manufacturing companies, clothing related industries and terminal channels are participating in the CHIC, and each has its own income. CHIC also extended the exhibition function in a new form, fully upgraded the service system and enhanced the value of the exhibition platform.

CHIC2019 (spring) Hello! Yourself! “HI ME!”

This season CHIC, we will discuss the topic of #真我#, and then explore the impact of “authenticity” trends and “identity” on the future apparel industry and business. We are working hard to create a new language for exhibitions to help people understand contemporary business diversity. The original intention of this is not only to practice the promotion of the exhibition concept to the exhibition form, but also to explore the sustainability of the exhibition ecology. We hope to influence the various aspects of the apparel industry and related businesses in a positive way, trying to expand people's understanding of humanities behind Chinese clothing and explore more relationships between clothing and people.

In contemporary society, as new standards are gradually accepted, society will change from person to person. The routine is constantly being subverted and challenged. Breaking the rules has led to many new ideas coming out and being gradually accepted, and society has therefore changed from person to person. In this state of society, people began to emphasize re-examining the beginning of "self", and more and more fancy the inner self of the self. Even if it is not perfect, it will bravely accept and embrace the true self, with a positive and calm mentality. For the future, speak loudly to your heart Say: “HI. ME!”

Trade Matchmaking Conference - CHIC MATCHING Tradelink Matchmaking Brand Channel Expansion and Order Cooperation Matchmaking Conference Domestic and foreign key promotion exhibitors Domestic quality channel dealers and purchasers fully utilize the accuracy and efficiency of the matchmaking activities and promote cooperation between the two parties. win.

“The most open-minded” CHIC TALK “CHIC Business Forum” is the preferred publishing platform for apparel industry-wide supporting resource solutions to enter the vision and procurement applications of Chinese apparel companies. It has gathered the best clothing industry chain resources, commercial solutions, and benchmarking of upstream and downstream enterprises. Realize business cooperation here, showing self and business development.

During the “most popular” CHIC SHOWS exhibition, a total of 15 CHIC SHOWS will be promoted and released in an all-round way, with a simple, stylish, flexible and low-cost operation. Brands expand market channels and expand social influence.

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