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  • 2301-2019

    Modal Fabric bring nice things for our life

    Before you know how to maintain the modal fabric, let's take a look at what Modal is. Modal is a natural cellulose fiber produced by the Austrian company Lenzing. It is a natural fiber plant extract from the beautiful Alps. It has better hygroscopicity, softness, silky luster and elasticity than pure cotton. Wearing incomparably comfortable, comfortable, and the latest high-end fashion underwear products.

  • 2201-2019


    Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) NH 1H 2H 3H 4.1H Organizers: China Garment Association, China International Trade Center Co., Ltd., China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch Organizer: Beijing Fashion Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing International Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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