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  • 1507-2019

    New Silk scarf with double sides printing

    Double sides digital printing for high quality silk scarf.Both sides look same,high definition,soft hand feeling.

  • 2201-2019

    Why the cost of Acetate fabric is so high ?

    Acetic acid fabric, commonly known as acetate cloth, also known as Yasha, is the Chinese homophone reading method of English ACETATE.

  • 3003-2020


    As the influence of Coro-virus all over the world. Our original life and working step have been broken. We are company that sepcialized to do silk products, including silk fabric, silk scarf and silk comfoter. In order to communicate with customers face to face and let them know more about our products better, we decided to take participate some international textile expro this year. But now as we known, maybe it is not possible to do before July. However, we will not give up the all opportunity to show our products to customers. and we have chosen new ways that is very economic and effencient for both of us.

  • 2703-2020

    Medical Mask for free from China friend

    As the Coronavirus is under spreading in global , each country is doing their best to fight this virus . At the same time, the medical products show a great lack in so many countries . Both for common people and medical people. But in China, with the unity and cooperation of the whole nation , and they did a gear job all the time .Finally , China almost control Virus to spread around the people we come out of this disater. Now our working and life are almost back to recovery . so we hope we could do out best to those need help . Now our comany prepare some medical mask , if anyone need, pls contact with me . and we could send some to you for free.

  • 2503-2020

    Fashion envelop and matching of silk scarves

    Fashion envelop and matching of silk scarves In the sunny spring, wear a silk scarf with a fine style of play, with a refreshing top, coupled with pencil skirts and beautiful small leather shoes, so that you can have the cuteness of women and the cuteness of girls, and definitely become an office. Popular beauty, then what are the methods of silk scarves?

  • 2309-2019

    Silk Expo 2019 in West of China

    Hu zhou Miao Sheng took part in the Silk Expo 2019 in West of China last Month

  • 0508-2019

    New York Texitle Expro in 2019

    Our silk products got the high recognization from a lot of customers in the Textile Expro. Our products also provide the best service for many companies . During the Exhibition, we had much communication with custmers. and reach and build up many business cooperation opportunities. We fully believe we will do our best to give the most service and highest quality to our all customers in the future .

  • 3007-2019

    12 mm silk satin

    Recently our factory researched one of new kind of silk satin fabric, 12 mm, in some way, this is not new fabric but generally. But this kind of fabric has total different quality and hand feeling. Of course , the price is a little higher compared with the original ones.

  • 2507-2019

    Acetate Fabric Popurlairity

    Similar quality and hand feeling with silk fabric, but easy to take care in the daily life. Also with elegant temperament.

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